Nominate a Candidate to Visit

The Eudaimonia Institute (EI) at Wake Forest University invites applications and nominations for visiting Fellows to spend varying lengths of time in residence working on projects related to the Institute’s mission. The Institute offers competitive funding for visitors.

While at Wake Forest, it is expected that EI Fellows will:

  1. Pursue an independent research project.
  2. Give at least one public talk.
  3. Seek out collaboration with campus partners, including, where appropriate:
    • Attending departmental colloquia, lectures, talks, and/or social events;
    • Meeting with and/or mentor students;
    • Guest lecturing in relevant classes;
    • Conducting research or teaching workshop(s) with interested faculty and/or students; and
    • Contributing generally to the intellectual life of the Wake Forest community.


Nomination of Candidates

In order to help us understand how a candidate may contribute to the intellectual community of Wake Forest, please submit a cover letter that provides a brief description of the rationale for the nomination. This may include a description of the candidate’s work and its connection to eudaimonia, an idea for a potential collaboration, or any other information you think is relevant for the candidate’s consideration.

  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.

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