Student Seminars

The Eudaimonia Institute is pleased to offer an extracurricular student seminar in spring 2021.


Seminar Description

  • Students will meet via Zoom for 1 hour for four consecutive weeks, beginning Monday, March 29 concluding Monday, April 19.
  • Students will be asked to prepare approximately 65+ pages of readings per week.
  • Seminars will consist of open-ended discussion of the assigned texts.
  • The Institute will provide the required book for student participants, and, for students who successfully complete the entire seminar, a $100 honorarium ($25/session attended) upon completion.

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Any student in good standing at Wake Forest University may apply.  * For credit courses should always take precedence. *
  • As this is not a credit-earning course, there are no required papers or exams.
  • Participating students commit to preparing the assigned readings, attending each weekly meeting, and engaging thoughtfully in discussion.

Seminar Topic

Spring 2021:

  1. The Social Science of Happiness” Description:  The first World Happiness Report published in April of 2012 called for “more attention to happiness and absence of misery as criteria for government policy.” This motivates scholars and policymakers to pay particular attention to happiness measures as proper measures of social progress and the object of public policy analyses. This seminar is an interdisciplinary exploration of the nature and determinants of happiness from psychological and economic perspectives. We shed light on some of the most critical questions such as “what is happiness?” “What makes us happy?” “Can money buy happiness for us?” and “if happiness studies guide policy for better life of a greater number of people in our societies.” We shall critically examine the work by leading happiness scholar Richard Layard. Discussion leader: Dr. Mona Ahmadiani, research associate in the Eudaimonia Institute.  This seminar will meet on Mondays from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm.  By submitting your registration, you confirm you are able to attend all four meeting sessions: Mondays: March 29, April 5, April 12, and April 19.  Enrollment is limited to fifteen participants.  Please note, if you participated in the reading group during Spring 2020, Fall 2020, or the first session of Spring 2021, you are ineligible to participate (please do not register). Registration is currently open, please register below:

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