Declaration of Research Independence

Adopted by the Faculty Advisory Board in June 2015:

The Eudaimonia Institute at Wake Forest University seeks funding from numerous sources, including both individuals and foundations, that are interested to support its mission and activities. Because the questions we examine and the conclusions we reach are nonpartisan and nonideological, it is paramount that our research is conducted independently, with its sole motivation being the disinterested pursuit of truth. We wish to examine the institutional and cultural requirements for eudaimonic lives, and we believe this aim is too important to be restricted to any particular methodology or worldview.

To ensure the independence of the Eudaimonia Institute’s research and activities, we hereby publicly proclaim our Declaration of Research Independence:

The Eudaimonia Institute (EI) at Wake Forest University is committed to the highest standards of academic quality and credibility for our research. We ensure these through internal review, peer review, and transparency in the process of selecting and undertaking research projects.

While the quality and credibility of our research should be judged on its merits, to enhance that credibility the EI adheres to the following policies:

  1. The EI engages in research and educational activities that advance its mission. This includes research and educational activities that may run counter to the interests of organizations and individuals that provide financial support to the EI.
  1. The EI accepts financial support from numerous sources for research and educational activities that support its mission, endeavoring to maintain a broad and diverse base of support. All EI research must meet the highest objective scholarly standards. Therefore, the EI maintains sole control over the selection of researchers, the composition of research teams, or the research design, methodology, analysis, or findings of EI research projects, as well as the content of EI-sponsored educational programs.
  1. This document and the following paragraph will be made public and furnished to all organizations that provide or are considering providing the EI with financial support, to ensure that supporters understand our commitment to independent research:

The Eudaimonia Institute is committed to achieving the highest standards of academic quality and objectivity, and to ensuring that our work stands up to rigorous review. Eudaimonia Institute scholars independently pursue a research agenda and educational activities that advance our mission. The Eudaimonia Institute maintains sole discretion over its sponsored research and educational activities.

  1. This policy and EI activities are reviewed regularly to ensure that the EI is in compliance with its provisions and remains faithful to its intent.